Weed Killer

Weed killer is best for spot killing weeds, like a weed that you see in your sidewalk crack or in your driveway.
It will kill any plant that it touches, so use with caution around plants that you want to stay alive.
One idea for protecting the plants you want to stay alive when applying this weed killer is to isolate the weed from other plants, so when you are applying the solution you don’t accidentally splash a good plant.
To do this take an old plastic milk jug, cut out the bottom and place it over the weed you wish to kill.
Then, apply the weed killer manufacturer through the top of the milk jug so it only gets on the weed, and doesn’t splash anything else.
Kill Weeds By Burning Them
This tip requires caution and common sense.
You can burn individual weeds with a small propane torch.
Smother The Weeds
Another way to kill weeds is to spread something, such as straw, mulch, compost, wood chips, or something else similar which is biodegradable, onto the weed.
Make sure when you use this method to make a thick enough layer so that no sunlight can penetrate onto the weeds, about three inches is good.
This is a great way to kill weeds which are beginning to spread in your garden after your wanted garden plants have sprouted and are tall enough to not, themselves, be covered by the straw or wood chips.
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