Killing Weeds

Most people thought that mulch is only for covering cultivated soil. True. It is effective. But it can also control weeds by depriving them of light. Light is very important to weeds. Without it, they cannot survive. Mulch is also beneficial when it is used as direct composting.

Carpet scraps and curtain showers can be an accessory to a natural way of killing weeds. For carpet scraps, you can place them upside down and cover them with bark mulch or straw. The old shower curtain should be placed under the mulching materials to stop the weeds from poking through.

The non-toxic methods for controlling weeds can be found in your kitchen. Salt is very effective. You can spread the salt generously and directly onto weeds, or you can make a solution with it. Add a cup of it into 2 cups of boiling water and pour the solution directly to the weeds, after it cools down.

Vinegar is also a non-toxic substance. Try white vinegar or apple cider. The higher its concentration, the more effective it is for killing weeds. You can spray it directly onto weeds or you can prepare a diluted solution.

The best time to use vinegars is daytime or when the sun is in its hottest condition. The sunlight will boost the vinegar. Spray it on the plant base closer to the soil, and to its trunk, stems and leaves.

Lemon is equally effective in killing weeds. Use it the way you use vinegar. You can use it alone or as a solution. The acidity of vinegar and lemon is what kills the weed. The pH level of the soil and surrounding area is decreased, which means higher acid levels.

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