Controlling Orlando Weeds

Living in the subtropical weather in Orlando FL, means hand pulling weeds. Using a weedkiller becomes absolutely essential for controlling weeds in your garden. However the type of weedkiller that you use will depend on certain factors such as type of weed, the period since which it has been there, etc. There are excellent weedkillers available in the market for killing weeds effectively however you should know which type to use for quick and permanent elimination of weeds.

The first kind of weedkiller is the systematic weedkiller. You can first spray the systematic weedkiller on the weed’s foliage. The foliage absorbs the chemicals from the weed killer which goes all the way down to the roots. The weed is killed completely from the tip to the root. Though this method of killing and controlling weeds is effective it should be used with care. You should beware of spillage as it can kill other plants as well.

Then there are the contact weedkillers. These killers have organic content such as glyphosate. The acid and content dissolve the leaf’s protective coating and gradually the weed dies. There are other contact weedkillers which have a powerful chemical that will destroy only the exposed foliage but it will preserve the roots. The contact weedkiller is generally used for killing weeds that grow only once a year.
There is also the residual weedkiller which is good for controlling weeds in garden. As the name suggests, such a weed killer resides in the ground and does not let the new weeds to grow. It will also kill the weed seeds that try to germinate and the perennials that try to grow above the ground. Most of the residual weed killers contain a chemical called diflufenican. Learn more about controlling weeds in Orlando

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